Why Should You Grab Your Console And Play Some Video Games

Why Should You Grab Your Console And Play Some Video Games

Video Games have received mixed reviews from different communities. Some people hold the opinion that playing video games is harmful for physical and mental health. Others vouch for the improvements they had in their life because of playing video games. The never-ending debate on the effect of video gaming on human health and social life takes new turn every now and then. Let us see why it is important for you to play your favourite games on your mobile, PC or the console, regardless of your age.

How do video games help

Regardless of your age, there are some proven benefits of playing video games. Depending on the type of video game you play, your brain will be stimulated. Some of the benefits of video gaming are discussed below:

  • Enhancement in problem solving skills

Video games that involve a strategy building exercise, puzzles and riddles have been proven to enhance the player’s problem-solving skills. This is because these games encourage the player to come up with creative ways to complete a task or reach a conclusion.

  • Honing of multitasking ability and sharp thinking

Playing games that involve escape situations and building of empires tend to make the player most adept in multitasking and making the best use of available resources. These exercises train the brain to process information faster in real life situations as well.

  • Improvement in memory and concentration

There is yet another reason to play your favourite games. Many games require memorising sequences or patterns. Some games necessitate that you finish one task after the other in a limited time. These exercises are vital for improving memorisation skills and concentration. Playing such games will definitely make it easier for you to work more efficiently in the real world.

  • Teaching teamwork and cooperation

Many video games are based on a collective strategy and involve multiple players. Also, some sports games require a flawless teamwork. These games indirectly teach the player how to function well as a team. The player understands the importance of teamwork and coordinated efforts by playing such games.

As they can see, these benefits are very much applicable to real world. Regardless of our age, they need to have these skills to succeed. Therefore, videogames must not be considered childish.

The other side of the coin

Video gaming also has another facet. Unlimited and uncontrolled video gaming surely isn’t good. Prolonged screen time affect your eyes and makes your eyesight worse. It is also associated with frequent headaches. Too much time spent in the virtual world leaves you with lesser time to use the benefits of video gaming in real life. Scientific studies have established that violent video games tend to affect the brain of the player in a negative manner. Such video games have also been known to induce anger and restlessness of young minds.

Therefore, before you switch on the screen to play your favourite games, remind yourself that excess of everything is bad. You should make a conscious effort to set limits to the time you spend on video games. This way, you will be able to benefit from the wonderful world of video games.

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